Meaning of the word « Scottish »

What is meant by the word « Ecossais » (Scottish) in 1802 ?

This word « Ecossais » has several meanings and it is difficult to grant it a precise definition. At the end of the XVIIITh century, three different meanings may be recognized :
1. The denomination of one of the most antient degrees which suffered many alterations. These Scottish degrees will always preserve a great importance in the higher-grade Masonry.
2. By extension, a second meaning came about, the words Scottish (écossais) and Ecossism are synonymous with higher grades whichever system they are applied to ;
3. In the 1760’s, there appeared in Marseille a masonic body entitled the Scottish Mother Lodge.This entitlement demonstrated the legitimacy to which the Mother Lodge pretended for all degrees including the higher grades. This lodge worked a seven-degree system : Apprentice, Fellowcraft, Master, Perfect Master, Scots Master , Elected Master and Knigt of the East. The Scottish Rite worked in this Lodge referred to the higher grades

Towards 1802-1803, the opponents to the Grand Orient will successively use the words « écossais » and « écossisme » in their various meanings.
The discussion about the topic or « Scottish Rit’ » is an exclusive topic for the higher grades. Since 1786, the Grand Orient disposes of a higher-grade system, that of the Grand General Chapter of France which it has closely incorporated to itself.
For their part, the Scots Masons accepted to become members of the Grand Orient as far as the symbolic degrees were concerned., yet wanted to work a higher-grade system different from that which was in use in the Grand Orient jurisdiction [1].
At the beginning of the XIXth century, the phrase Scottish Rite covers many different masonic systems, their common feature consists in granting a great importance to the Higher Grades which – in their yes – stands for the most important part of Masonry.
At this stage of the introduction of an « ABC of Ecossism », it seems right to bear in mind that « ecossais-écossisme » covers the whole system of higher grades from the 4th to the 33rd.